New and Advance Wheelchair have Lessen Dependency

People themselves does not choose wheelchair, it’s there constraint that compels them to sit on it. Earlier it was an encumbrance for their friends, relatives and themselves as they cannot go anywhere on their own or do anything. But with the passing time and year this encumbrance has gone away. With the increase in technology even the wheelchair are coming with new and innovative options such as power wheelchair, standing wheelchair, electric wheelchair and others. Let’s have a terse over these different types of wheelchair option and their features:


Power wheelchair: It is also known as motorized wheelchair or electric wheelchair. Being one of the complex piece of equipment’s they are designed robustly for the betterment of the users. Power wheelchair is propelled by the means of electric motor than the usual manual motor that is making it sturdier. Technologically advanced these machines have various mechanical component other than the soft cushioned seat.


Standing wheelchair: it is also known as a standing chair. Being one of the well-known assistive technologies these wheelchairs allows the user to raise the chair from a seated to standing position. It thereby, allows the user to talk with the people by creating an eye contact. Both power and manual operated standing wheelchair are available in the market that can be purchased as per the requirements of the clients. Perpetually, these are designed to provide comfort to the user still have some drawback like long bone fractures while driving for legs being under a heavy load.


Both the wheelchairs are ideally designed to provide a level of comfort to the users and so that the users does not feel dependent on anyone. Nowadays, wheelchair are available in different designs, colors, sizes, shapes and patterns. Also the wheelchair can be purchased for different purposes like travelling. Travel wheelchairs on the other hand are foldable and compressed that are easy to carry and does not acquire much space.


Wheelchairs are designed to provide more comfort to the users. Portable, light weight these wheelchair are available at reasonable rates. Search on the web and compare the prices and designs to choose the best wheelchair. Worry not, these advanced wheelchairs have lessen the dependency ad have increased the independency of the disabled. No one will make fun of you, and you don’t have to wait for someone if you want to go to one room to another.


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